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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Great Wall of China

Built by: Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China
Time Built: 220–206 BC
Location: China

The Great Wall of China, Traditionally known to the Chinese as “Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li” (10,000 Li = about 5,000 km). Is a memorable landmark and the most famous tourist place in China. The Wall resembles a Chinese dragon circling the mountains. The Great Wall of China has fascinated the minds of many and is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Great Wall is a defensive structure originally built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from the invasion of various nomadic groups. 

After subjugating and uniting China from seven Warring States in 220 B.C., the founder of the Empire of the Ten Thousand Generations, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, ordered the destruction of the wall that divided his new empire along the former state border and connected the four old fortification walls along the north of China.

 There were three main Chinese dynasties that contributed to the construction of the Great Wall: first, the Qin from 221-207 B.C., then the Han from 206 B.C – 220 A.D and the Ming from 1368-1644 A.D. 

The wall was originally built of wood, stone, grass and earth. Before, the Great Wall was mainly built from rammed earth, stones, and wood. However, during the Ming Dynasty, bricks were heavily used in many areas of the wall, as were materials such as tiles, lime, and stone.

The Great Wall was also the key to protecting agriculture and resisting cavalry of the Huns and other warrior tribes from the north. 

The Great Wall can be seen from Earth orbit, but contrary to legend, is not visible from the moon.;u=721;sa=summary;u=50864;sa=summary;u=96;sa=summary;sa=summary;sa=summary;u=85545;sa=summary;u=63987;sa=summary;u=3170;sa=summary

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